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Can Your Car Take E-85 Fuel?  You Might Be Surprised

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at Western Convenience

Whether you are on your way to pick your kids up from soccer practice, heading to a ski resort or taking an out of state road trip, Western Convenience is the place to start. We offer great fuel prices to fill your car and have great monthly specials on concessions to fill you.  Whether you are in need of premium fuel to keep your car running or premium coffee to keep you running, Western Convenience is your booster.

Western Convenience takes great pride in being the leader in one of the most progressive states in the country for alternative fuels. We offer more E-85 than any filling station in Colorado.  We do not think of E-85 as an alternative to petroleum, we are ready for the day that petroleum is the alternative fuel. If you have a flex-fuel vehicle and are looking for a higher octane fuel, more horsepower and better engine performance, the future is now at Western Convenience.

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E-85 Fuel


7 Reasons You Should Consider Fueling With E-85

E-85 is the future of fuel. It’s not for everyone yet, but it’s very possible that it is for you.  Get the facts on why E-85 can save you money, help the US economy and even make your car run better.

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