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Feel Good About Fueling Up With E85!

There are plenty of reasons why you should fill up with E-85 if your vehicle is one of many that can use it. How do you know if my vehicle is E85 friendly? Simply click the link for this website http://www.e85vehicles.com/, scroll to the very bottom of the page and use the search tool to determine if your car is  capable of saving you money by investing in E85 as a fuel resource. Then make sure to head over to our Where We Are page to find a Western Convenience location and come fill up! Remember by using E85 as your fuel of choice you are helping America on its road to ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! Every tank really does make a difference!

Some Things To Remember About E85:

Last year, ethanol production helped reduce foreign oil dependence by 485 million barrels. American ethanol production created 87,292 jobs last year and sustained another 383,261. Ethanol production has continued to expand geographically, with 211 ethanol biorefineries now operating in 29 states, bringing economic opportunity to tens of thousands of Americans, many of whom live in rural areas. The 13.3 billion gallons of ethanol production in 2012 reduced America’s need for imported oil for gasoline refining by 465 million barrels.

Did you know that E85 is higher octane for less money at the pump? 


According to Dr. Michael Wang of Argonne National Laboratory, one gallon of ethanol reduces CO2 emissions by 6.41 pounds. Recent research has found that CO2 is the largest contributor of global climate change, the term used to categorize significant climate changes that are detrimental to human and plant life. Last year, ethanol reduced greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles by 33.4 million tons. That’s equivalent to removing 5.2 million cars and pickups from the road each year (comparable to the number of registered vehicles in the state of Michigan).

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What is E-85?

E85 is an abbreviation for an ethanol fuel blend of 85% denatured ethanol fuel and 15% gasoline or other hydrocarbon by volume, although the exact ratio of fuel ethanol to hydrocarbon can vary considerably while still carrying the E85 label. The ethanol content is adjusted according to the local climate to maximize engine performance. ASTM 5798 specifies the allowable fuel ethanol content in E85 as ranging from 51% to 83%. E85 is commonly used by flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV) in the United States and Europe. In the United States, government subsidies of ethanol in general and E85 in particular have encouraged a growing infrastructure for the retail sale of E85, especially in corn growing states in the Midwest.

Can Your Car Take E-85 Fuel?  You Might Be Surprised

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7 Reasons You Should Consider Fueling With E-85

E-85 is the future of fuel. It’s not for everyone yet, but it’s very possible that it is for you.  Get the facts on why E-85 can save you money, help the US economy and even make your car run better.

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